Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today we had a very successful day of school. Jayden is doing amazing with his math. I had to do something and asked him to get started on some concepts on his worksheet. He said, "Momma, what letter is at the end of you?" " u Jayden" then he turns his paper around and showed me what he had written, a smiley face with the words " I lov you" That was the most precious thing he could have ever done to touch my heart. I love him so much. Austen worked on his states puzzle and is getting so good at finding where all the states go and who they are next to. Overall, it was a pretty calm and relaxing day. Each day we pray for peace, a diligent heart, wisdom and grace. Today I could definetly tell that all of those were being put into place.

We came back on our flight from out of state a few days ago. It was a great flight except for Moriah and her crazy wiggly body. The boys did amazing. We have not used DVD players on the flights for quite some time and the boys do great without them. They read stories, ate plenty of non sugary snacks and listened to their books on cd, courtesy of the library. As we left quite late at night, the kids slept for the majority of the flight.

Austen was hillarious in the airport. Watching him was like watching a small version of a business man rolling his carryon around. He had a hat on, with hair sticking out the back, pulling his Thomas the Train carryon and a black jacket over his jeans. He knew exactly where he was going and it was so precious! I just love that boy.

Tonight, Austen came to Ben and I and said, " Tomorrow after Milo ( Jayden) and Joyson's ( Austen) naps can we play the ocean game? " They crack me up. Everywhere we go lately they are meowing and pretending to be cats. They talk in high pitched voices and argue over if something is a boy or a geel ( girl). Precious , precious friends they are.

We are onto the Yellowhouse Mystery for Boxcar Children and are really enjoying the book. I went out and bought all the ingredients that go along with the story, as I have the cookbook, so we can make the food that they eat as we read it. The days just fly and sometimes I'm not sure if they can ever slow down but I love embracing this time with my babies, as they will always be my babies.

Last night, Jayden came into my room over and over and I was getting really frusterated with him. Then the last time, I was playing some Kari Jobe, some of my favorite worship music, and I just felt the desire to pray over Jayden. He wrapped his arms around me and we rocked back and forth and I prayed for him. A prayer of music over his life, annointing over his voice, his fingers. It was a precious moment where I felt the Holy Spirit just fill the room and touch Jayden as well as myself.

Children are a precious gift from God. Being a mother is the most beautiful job that one could ever have. NEver take it for granted. There a lot of women out there who mother children, but there are not a lot of women who are Mommas and nurture them. Challenge yourself to view your position as one of influence, full of passion and grace.

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