Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Yesterday we accomplished much, to my amazement. I feel the key to my homeschool success is not putting on a movie first thing in the morning....and believe me, it is so easy to do. I, most mornings, prefer to wake up slowly and quietly reading the bible while the boys watch a movie. However, this routine needs a little tweaking. Yesterday, Jayden was the first up and I decieded, at 6am to get started on his math. We went through 4 lessons! Then we went on to his SSRW and completed step 11. At this point, Austen was now up and we started on geography. This has got to be my favorite part of school as I have an intense passion for geography and history. My Grandpa used to sit us on his lap and spin the globe showing us where we lived, how he hitch hiked across the US, and all the grand adventures he had growing up. I truly believe that is where my love for the world began.

We are studying Egypt this week....but after further anaylysis there is so much biblical history associated with Egypt that this will probably take us a few weeks. We created our Egyptian flag, made a picture of stamps and told a story ( hieroglyps) and I read about the Israelties crossing the Red Sea. How exciting to show the boys that the same Red Sea that is in the bible, that Moses and the Israelites crossed is located on the globe. We talked about faith, how Moses told the Israelties that " The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be silent". I love that verse in Exodus!

There are so many faith walks in life yet if you are able to relinquish all control and allow God to move in your heart and in your life, knowing He is fighting for amazing is that! I loved the opportunity to pour out my heart to the boys and share with them the persecution of the Christians in Egypt. We prayed for them, layed our hands ( fingers) on Egypt and prayed that God would send protection to them and care for them, giving them boldness.

Today, at the library, I picked up a bunch of books on Egypt, Egyptian food, etc for our party at the end of this unit. I had such grand ideas for fall/Thanksgiving unit for the month of November but will have to wait until next year as the month has literally slipped away from me. Overall, I felt very accomplished at the end of the day....mix that in with Thomas the Train, pretending and laughter and it was a great day!

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