Thursday, November 5, 2009


We have been on our family vacation, minus Daddy, for the past two weeks. It has been a very interesting trip so far. The first week and a half we were all sick. There is nothing more frusterating than coming from so far, spending so much money to see family that you don't see that often and being sick. The boys have done so well but have had some major meltdowns along the way. Moriah came down with bronchitis and an ear infection and me, a sinus infection. What can you do? Nothing.

I feel that there are so many times that I need to learn how to outwardly express patience and understanding in a much more active sense. We waited and waited amidst all the rashes, coughs, colds, throwing up and finally our day arrived. The son was shining, a beautiful 60 degrees and the leaves all turning different shades of yellow, red and orange around us.

We ventured outside, bundled up from head to toe and swung. We swung higher and higher, we laughed, we breathed the sweet scent of fall. I turned and watched my three world stand surrounded by an array of swirling, crisp fall leaves. They engulfed him and moved quickly around him. He ran and chased them desperately trying to catch them. I watched. I stood still. I absorbed the moment in my mind, in my heart and soul. It was a beautiful moment, Austen chasing leaves, the leaves moving never stopping only to fall just ahead of where Austen was. Isnt' that like life. Sometimes we lose the joy in the journey because we are chasing something that isnt ready to be caught. Sometimes, in life, it's fun to chase a dream to think about it and learn about it even when we know it is out of reach. Austen did and I watched and smiled and laughed. He is my joy.

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