Friday, January 14, 2011

Clapboard Houses

We had so much fun yesterday designing our clapboard houses and learning different architectural techniques and designs found in Massachusetts. Did you know that salt board houses were named because they resembled the actual salt box that was hung over the fire place to keep the salt dry?? Many times, the rooms found under the leaning part of the salt box house was a birthing room or burial room. Also, the boys learned about the "widow's walk"- a balcony found on many clapboard houses where wives would walk on and look out on the Atlantic Ocean waiting for their husband's ship to come in. So interesting!

We also read some more interesting facts on Massachusetts and I would love to invest in the Scholastic book series on all the different states. They are very well written and informative. Next week, we will be focusing on lobsters, clams, dressing up as lobsters and learning sea faring songs!

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