Monday, January 17, 2011


Last night Ben and I were relaxing after a pretty long day and just thinking about getting ready for bed, whew those 8:30pm bedtimes come quickly. Anyways, I went to turn the boys light off in their room so they could go to sleep when I noticed the light seeping under Moriah's bedroom door. Hmmmm.

She has been doign this lately. After we put her in bed, she quietly gets out, turns on her light and reads books, plays with her toys, etc. This is all fine and dandy except we have put her in bed, she is two and she is disobeying. So we have been working on her and discpiling her, trying to teach her that no matter what the issue is she needs to obey the first time. Well, last night I opened the door and was about to start asking her why her light was on when I was stopped dead in my tracks by her sitting on the floor, getting up and turning around- this is what I saw:

How do you get angry when you stare at a girl who has this large of a bow strapped around her head?

and in her hands are the remnants of her organizational tyrad of swimsuits and head wraps

and yes, I forgot to add.....I laughed a TON; I couldn't stop laughing and fell in love with the complete chaos that surrounds my life day in and day out :)


Haley said...

So did you laugh?! I would've laughed... :)

Amanda said...

how could I leave that part out...I added it...I couldn't stop laughing :)