Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vermont and all its Maple Syrup!

japanese maple treeWe are in the throws of studying New England. Our library basket is full of books on whales, lobsters, clams, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, you get the picture. Yesterday morning we enjoyed a breakfast of waffles with real maple syrup, reading along the way about how the go about producing this tasty treat. Did you know that 40 gallons of sap will only produce 10 gallons of syrup!! That explains why its so much more than the lovely corn syrup ridden stuff at the store. However, the taste is unbeatable and now I have a desire to travel to New England in the fall.....just have to save up some ticket money. How fun would that be!? New England in the fall with all of its colors amidst the trees.....time will tell!

Jay has created a travel brochure of interesting things to do and see in New England and also has done a report on the varying whales as the whaling industry used to be very popular there. It made me smile, we picked up a ton of books at the library on whales and I told him he needed to do a report ( draw a picture and list 3 facts) on 3 different whales....he goes, " can I do four or five??"......What home school mama doesn't feel blessed by hearing that!

A few nights ago, we sat down for a movie and dinner at home and made johnny cakes Rhode Island style, it was kind of a mix between a johnny cake and a fried pancake. The kids really enjoyed them, me- I enjoyed the sample. New England has so much to offer in sense of history, geography, animals, travel. I can hardly contain myself. I kind of go crazy in my brain thinking of EVERYTHING I want to teach them NOW and all the little branches of history that I could take...but, once again I am controlling myself since they are 6 and 4 and we do have ALL the other regions of the United States to cover....which I again, can hardly contain myself!!! I mean if we are having so much fun tasting, listening, creating and experiencing New England...and we add in the southern states, Midwest, southwest, etc......I dont' think they will ever forget it...I know I won't!

We are also continuing with our SSRW and Learning Language Arts Through Literature with the boys as well as math with Jayden. Finally, still working on Indian and the Cupboard and Dr Doolittle. Ben said that last night, he went to turn the boys light off in their room and Jayden was on pg 68 in the Dr Doolittle book while listening to Dr Doolittle on audio cd! He makes me laugh soo much! No wonder , at times, when he talks he sounds British.

Austen loves his SSRW; however, yesterday he was so sad with his lower lip pulled out as far as he could get it because I informed him that he would have to wait until after his nap. Poor boy. We did, however, complete it after his nap and it is soo exciting to watch him move closer and closer to reading !!!

Today, we will be learning about the clapboard houses in Massachusetts and the sailing industry that is very important to that region. The boys will be making houses out of Popsicle sticks and we will be reading a little folk lore on Paul Bunyan. Also, I picked up , ahem, more books from the library and my children's bible and walk through the bible audio cd came in yesterday so I am sooo excited to listen to them with the kids!!!

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