Thursday, January 6, 2011

What We Are Reading

I love books, I love how they create an united bond between reader and listener and by the looks at it, the library knows this about us too. We are at the library weekly, if not bi weekly checking out books for our Konos activities ( I think every New England, whale, and lobster book the library owns is at our home right now). We check out early readers, mysteries, picture books. One of our favorite authors is Karma Wilson. I love the rhythm of her books,the way the words twirl on the page and bounce from one description to the next. Some of my favorites are " Frog In the Bog", " Hilda Hippo Keeps on Dancing" " Bear Snores On", etc.

One thing that I am enjoying with the boys, mainly just Jayden right now due to his age, is reading chapter books. We are in the middle of Dr Doolitte AND Indian in the Cupboard! They are both great books, full of description, mystery, fantasy and pure delight. We are about 4 chapters into each and had shelved them due to Christmas and family visiting but I am looking forward to pulling them down again and diving into our world of miniature talking Indians, talking animals and unpredictable characters.

I just ordered, again from the library, " The Word of Promise" . It is an all star cast of actors and Christian speakers reading through the New Testament for kids and bringing the bible to life. I am really excited by this as we have done a REALLY good job of allowing the kids to listen to ALL the Beverly Cleary books, Beatrix Potter, Best Christmas Pageant Ever, Hank the Cowdog ( Lord help us!), Adventures in Odyssey etc and I was beginning to feel that yes I want them to know what good literature is and to develop an appreciate to it, but with all the time they spend in their beds listening at night, wouldn't it cool if it was God's word pouring into them. Hopefully this audio series will come soon and we can delve into immediately!

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