Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Atlantic States- Pennsylvania

What have we been up to lately? We are on the Atlantic States in our Cooperation Unit with Konos. The many books floating around our home are about Ellis Island, The Statue of Liberty, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and of course Milton S. Hershey! Yesterday, the kids and I had a lot of fun making Hershey Chocolate Fudge. We've learned a lot about Mr. Hershey from the two biographies we have been reading. Did you know he started out as an apprentice for a printer and hated it! Then, started apprenticing for a candy maker, loved it, started on his own and failed miserably over and over again only to finally perfect his first delight- caramels! From there, his business skyrocketed he focused on the now famous Hershey chocolate bar and became a philanthropist. It was a very good example to the boys, especially, about what happens when we keep trying and are passionate about something. The kids, below, adorned with make shift chef's hats and aprons measured out the milk, sugar, cocoa ( which we all tasted to see how bitter it was), butter and almond extract. We used a candy thermometer and waited until it read 234 degrees and followed the remainder of the recipe. I found, while they were napping, that a spoonful of peanut butter and fudge was the most perfect of treats. Mmmm!

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