Friday, February 18, 2011

Series of books I want to remember

You Wouldn't Want to Be A......
Covered Wagons by Quasha Jennifer
Abraham Lincoln for kids: 21 activities ( whole series)
Celebrate The USA: Hands on activities
Ancient Israelites and their Neighbors

One Small Square Mile-Donald Silver
A Who Eats What Food Chain
Oobleck, slime & dancing spaghetti

Leonardo DiVinci for kids: 21 activities
Picture This
Monet for Kids
Author : Sandi Henry ( books by her)
Great Artists- MaryAnn Kohl
Express Yourself Raimondo, Joyce

Library search- "Hands on activities" to get more than enough tangents of fun learning ideas for the rest of MY life!

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nancy said...

I would like to add the Happy Hollisters as well.. classic reading from just a few years ago. "_)