Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First Feeding

Hannah, now being 6 months, was finally given the opportunity to try some "real" food. Oatmeal at first, and then as of a couple of days ago , Avocado. The kids love helping her eat and Riah actually fed her all by herself last night so that was so precious. Especially since nursing, I have been pretty much the only one to feed her the past 6 months. Hanns sputters, razzes and spits her food in and out but overall I think atleast 1 tsp makes it in her little mouth. The messes begin! Which, I actually don't mind. I think we will do avocado for awhile, then peas, and then sweet potato. That should take us through March and then probably beans. I make all my own baby food, its easy, it's inexpensive and its healthy. All you relaly need are ice cube trays, a good blender and the a little water to add. Much, much less expensive than buying gerber.

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