Saturday, February 5, 2011

Seasons of Love, Beauty and the Beast and Hair

We finally finished up our study of the Atlantic States: New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Above, is not only our resident teacher assistant Hannah eating her brain building sweet potatoes, but also, a pile of the books we used for the Atlantic states series. To the right, is a Kids Broadway CD that we borrowed from the library. That was a lot of fun! I put it on in the morning and we did our school to the background of Rent, Lion King, Hair, etc. The above books that states, " G is for Garden State...." are awesome books to accompany any state study as it goes through and lists things specific to that state and gives very interesting information as well. We talked about the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. I would love to go and visit these places soon, even without the kids but take pictures of them to bring back. To wrap it up, we discussed the Amish and their presence in Pennsylvania and Jay took a sharp nail and made a design out of a tin loaf pan. We are moving on to the Great Lake States- my home territory and I am excited about incorporating lake studies, cherry pie, apple butter and Henry Ford to our studies!

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