Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lobsters, Lighthouses and Vomit- Oh My!

Yes, I have not been posting for a bit. Two weeks ago, as we were wrapping up our New England study, little Miss Hanns caught a virus which successfully spread to each and EVERY one of us- Ben being the last. There was a lot of bodily fluids going on up in here and it was a joyous time to be had by all. Never fear- we home school and the show can go on regardless of who is sick or not. While The three younger ones were laying low, watching movies, the other three of us were healthy and needing some stimulation so we continued on with our study of lighthouses. In the picture above, the challenge for Jayden was to build a lighthouse- no direction or directions just his pure creativity and ingenuity and I was very pleased with the outcome! Notice his stunning pajamas- best part about homeschooling sometimes! We also continued on with math. We are literally 3 weeks away from completing 2nd grade so I am making mental notes of what to pursue and solidify more before moving on to 3rd grade; ie: telling time, times tables and writing dates. 

The picture you see below was pre sickness. The kids dressed up as lobsters- notice their impeccable taste of colorful feelers and Riah's "claws" ahem, tongs. Jayden was the shark and they enjoyed running around the driveway being captured by the shark. We learned about lobster habitats, how they walk and swim and how important they are to Maine's fishing industry. Have I mentioned how much I love Konos!

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Aandwsmom said...

Great Lego Lighthouse! Very inventive! And my kids homeschool in PJ's most of the time!LOL Esp. Fall thru late Spring when weather is cold!
We request new PJ's from all grandparents and great-grandparents at Christmas because they love wearing them so much!

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