Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2 am dances

I am so excited for today! Moriah begins her first dance class and she is thrilled! This girl has spirit. Every day, I have to hold her face in my hands, stare into her eyes and tell her- You are a gracious daughter of God, He loves you, He will give you a gentle spirit because there are days, when I am just not feeling it. She is an amazing bundle of energy that kangaroo jumps from one side of hte house to the other, repeatedly. She looks at you with her beautiful, blue almond shaped eyes only to start throwing her doll Beulah and screaming for the simple fact that she cannot remove her 5th outfit of the day! I am learning a lot of patience and unconditional love right now for my little Moriah whose name means " Jehovah is your instructor"- Why, yes, yes He is :)

Anyways, the other night, I hear this rustling out in front of our bedroom door. Having Ben next to me, nothing really freaks me out in the middle of the night anymore so I go and open the door. There, standing there with a grass skirt, no shirt, head wrap and tap shoes on is my little Miss Moriah at 2 am! ALL the lights in the living room and kitchen are on, ALL of the times in Ben's nightstand are out and being tampered with. As I come out I realize that she was " tap, tap, tapping" her way around our home for goodness knows how long. I follow her into her bedroom, stumbling and blurry eyed as I went from deep sleep to "you must now function" mode in about 2 seconds. Her bedroom light and hallway light are on, her fan is off, her books and toys are strewn every where and the girl is still tapping like it is the middle of the day!

Moriah, you must remove your tap shoes, turn your fan on, all the lights off and get back into bed. How do you explain time to a two year old? They get up when it's dark so what is the difference between 2 am and 6 am? For me, a huge difference, for her- not so much. After tucking her back in, closing the door, I couldn't help smile to myself. Her excitement and charisma for life never ends, it begins and flows fluidly through her every waking moment. Oh, Moriah- Bless You Child.

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