Saturday, February 5, 2011

Math Games

I found this book at the library " Games For Math" by Peggy Kaye. I have to say, this is a really cool book. I believe that repition helps solidfy math concepts, but I"m sorry- sometimes those concepts are taught in a really monontous manner.  I feel that , if I am home schooling, then I am able to make it as boring or fun as possible. Yesterday,the boys and I played two games. The first was  place value game where you make three columns of , for example, red, blue and purple. You cut out 30 red, 30 blue and 1 purple. Then using a deck of cards, you draw a " 4" and add 4 to the red ( ones) column, then continue until there are 10 in the red- exchange that 10 for 1 blue ( tens) column and continue drawing and adding cards until the final person to be able to trade in 10 blue for 1 purple wins. IT's a fun way to reinforce place value without the being redundant. Also, we played a game with 3 bins ( same type of idea) but we had to throw rings into whatever bin we could so for example out of my 9 rings, if I had 2 in the hundreds, 1 in the tens and 5 in the ones my answer was 215. We played about 6 rounds of that game. This particular book, has ideas for math games up until 3rd grade. Finally, There was a bunch of multiplication games but I didn't use them, as Austen was playing with us.

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