Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Cooperation Finale

Well, it has been an insane past couple of weeks. Hence, the reason I have not had a chance to really blog. However, we did conclude our cooperation unit and to be honest, I am totally burnt out and ready for a 6 week long break. We did do a few fun activities to wrap up though and focus on the church and family.

One activity the kids, all of them, really enjoyed was sitting in a circle in the kitchen and I would begin a story and then Moriah would continue it and it then Austen and then Jayden. We played this story game about 4/5 times. Each time it was funnier and funnier as Moriah added in her two year old, almost three year old, sense. We played a few more cooperative games and listened to Adventures in Odyssey " The Boy Who Didn't Go To Church". The whole story is based on the verses in the bible that talk about how we all have a role in the body of Christ and need to focus and use that gifting to grow the body and if neglect our gift than roles in the church, ie: servant, gifts, etc. are not being met. We discussed the needs in the church and prayed for our church and the needs that would come up.

Jayden made a thank you card that I need to mail for his pastor whom he adores. We feel very blessed with such a dedicated pastoral staff at our church. They truly pour their hearts out to our kids. Also, we tried to sing "row, row row your boat" in a round. I think we were laughing at each other more than singing it. I had us do a scavenger hunt where I would hide a small toy and the kids had to work together to locate it. Finally, I paired us up and had a mini round going on. We also played a role playing game on how we could cooperate in the home. Moriah, however, was not aware of the role playing and when I grabbed a crayon from her and yelled " It's mine!" she broke down in tears and said that was naughty.

We read Ephesians 4:1-3 and prayed and asked God that he would take everything we have learned this past year and help us apply it to our lives, not just hearers of the word but doers. Well, that is it. I am so ready for a vacay. No huge end of year bang- just a subtle going out of play dates, park dates and no schedule for the next few weeks. I am really looking forward tot he traits I have planned out this year and am excited to see how the Holy Spirit grows us in these areas. To God be the glory!

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