Sunday, May 8, 2011

Towns and Communities

We are in the final stages of our unit study and I am very excited. Today, we went to the park and pretended to be going on a taxi. We talked about how taxis work, Riah stated she wanted Jay to drive her to the post office, Austen to Target. Jay charged .18/mile and collected his fare when the said destination was reached.

Also, we have been reading lots and LOTS of books about our communities, comparing communities around the globe, dentists, vets, doctors, police officers and firefighters, etc. We probably spend an hour this morning reading so many books and just enjoying each other.

The boys played on the computer earlier than usual today so I had Hannah sleeping and spent some quality time with Riah. Today, we baked "cookies" put them in the oven, frosted them, ate pizza and played with her wooden dollhouse. Yesterday, we played legos and read stories for FOREVER together and it was so much fun!!!!

I have a few more map skills and community activities that I will be focusing on with the boys today, after I am done writing this little blog. We will be talking about abbreviations of directions ( St, Ave, Blvd....), our address, and making a map of our town with blocks, train tracks, parks, etc. I am looking forward to this activity as knowing the boys and their creativity they should come up with some pretty cool ideas!

I am trying to put together an entire art curriculum for when we start back school in July - I am combining the Art Explorers books together and really looking forward to it. Jay just completed his first real chapter book in two days!!! It is the first book in the Humphrey series- books about a hamster that is the class' pet. I was very proud of him and remembered vividly the feelings of accomplishment as I completed my first Boxcar Children book when I was 6.5 years old. The world opens up to you when you are able to read! So fun!

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