Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We had a great birthday party with Jayden and all his friends this past week. I did a pancake themed party with fresh fruit, juice, pancakes and many different toppings: whip cream, cherries, sprinkles, mini chocolate chips and syrup. The kids ate and decorated their pancakes any way they wanted and then played at the park. We were suppose to swim because it is AZ and weather is typically predictable. However, it ended up being 68 and windy, so we scratched that idea in lieu of our health. We didn't even do a cake, we just sang happy birthday and he opened presents, To me, this was so wonderful. It was relaxed, the kids had a great time and Jayden was beyond blessed.

The next day, on Jay's actual birthday, he requested " Lucky Charms" for breakfast and because it was his birthday and this type of cereal is normally reserved for camping excursions I went out and bought him some. We hung the happy birthday banner, gave him a balloon and pretty much let him dictate the day for the most part.

In the evening, I made cupcakes and pizza at his request and we sang to him. The day pretty much flew by. I cannot believe he is seven. He acts seven. Responsible, caring, rational ( for the most part), independent. There is so much that Jayden does on his known besides tying his shoes. I am so proud of you Jayden. I am so proud of the man of God you are becoming. I pray increased sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. I count it a joy to be your mama, the best surprise I could have ever been given. I love you!

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Caitlin Stokes said...

My little girl just turned 8 on May 19th! I agree it is such a joy to see them growing into the person God created them to be! Loved the photos!