Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Cup Runneth Over

So lately, life has been busier than I had intended or liked. This has nothing to do with "what can I take out of my schedule" but rather, I have four kids and we have a life so there isn't a lot to take out. I enjoy being with them but most of what I do these days is for my family ( minus my coffee and workouts- all about me). Anyways, I am sitting here at 1:10 in the afternoon, quiet time around me, nap time around me and still in my sweats= they are the cute VS sweats I might add, but still sweats nonetheless and I want to write about yesterday.

The day started off a little crazy, as most Saturdays do trying to get 5 people fed, clothed and out of the house for Austen's 8 am football games but we made it and we were fine. From there, I was suppose to meet someone who wanted to buy my running stroller, they never showed, needed to buy a birthday present gift and wow, I'm feeling really hungry now so made a quick stop at Target. I decided to forgo my workout, for the time being, go home and have the kids take an early nap/quiet time so I could try to get something done around the house before the early afternoon birthday party. The house was a disaster from the morning so I tried to do the best I could picking up the main living areas and felt that I made some major headway. Then, looking at the clock I realized that it was almost time to leave and that this was a pool party and I would have young children that needed to be in the pool which would than require me to be in the pool which than equated to " I have no 'family friendly' swimsuit to wear"---soooooo, found a coupon for Kohls ran into the store with all the kids, found a swimsuit that matched my taste, ran to the fitting room, tried it on - fit, score- and left. Austen, picked out a hideous one piece teal and black striped suit for me. I thought, if I ever found myself in that suit may it be at my funeral- thanks Austen, but I'll pass, I am still in my 20s son :)

We arrived at the party, fashionably late to the tune of 30 minutes. No problem, the kids had their suits on and all the other kids were swimming. Riah didn't really want to swim a ton anyways so I could have skipped the suit buying but oh well. We enjoyed our time at the wonderful birthday party but I was getting more and more tired by the minute. We needed to leave at a certain time, so that we could get home, have dinner and then leave again for church. My friend's son was getting dedicated that night and I really wanted to be there for that. We played the games, ate the cake and food, asked if the birthday boy could open up his gift before we left, he loved it and we left.

We walked, walked, walked to our van which was parked a thousand miles away, I am feeling more and more tired and just wanting to get home. All of hte kids piled into the car and Moriah locked me out, smiled at me and then pushed the lock button again. " Unlock the door Moriah" " Dis?" " Yes, open it" - no action taken. So now, I'm talking through the van window, Austen moves in and opens it and Moriah gets a warning. We drive home, right before we get home Riah give Hannah a toy, only problem is it hits sleeping Hannah ( who had hardly any nap yesterday) square in the temple. Now, sleeping Hannah is screaming Hannah and hungry Hannah and hold me now Hannah. " Can we listen to something?" " NO!"

We arrive home, get inside, I go and check to see if the person who had wanted my running stroller from earlier emailed me, Moriah announced she needed to go potty and off she went. Then, Moriah, comes back. She smells of poo and is wet - wonderful combinations. " It all wet, I all wet, come please". Then, it hit me like a boulder falling off of the side of a mountain- Jayden told me before the chaos of leaving for Kohls and the party that he had plugged the toilet and could I help him---well, I had forgotten.

Quickly walking to the bathroom, my heart stops as I see the toilet overflowing with poo water every WHERE!!!!! Riah is walking in it, slips in it, falls, Hannah starts screaming crawling towards me from the other room, Jay is crying because he feels bad that the toilet was plugged and Austen is observing this whole scene and asking if he can play "". I am going crazy trying to find towels- the only ones in our home are the clean ones, the ones I just cleaned that are in a pile in the kitchen along with 8 loads of clean clothes that need to be put away because I've been gone all day and haven't had a chance. I run into the kitchen grab towels, try not to think about what I'm doing or I will loose what little food I ate. Drop the towels like they are stepping stones and make my way to the plunger. Unplug the toilet, Jesus help me! Go back into the kitchen, stepping around screaming Hannah and crying Jayden and tell him in a very umm not patient voice " Bring her in the bedroom and play with her there"- so now on top of thinking about getting out the door in 10 minutes for church, cleaning up this mess, now having to bathe MoriahJayden to my list of things that are swirling in my head.

I fill the bathtub with Pinesol and boiling water, sop up the disgusting mess with my yellow gloves, towels, and a mop all the while standing on my "stepping stones". I gather the towels all up, throw them into my beautiful front loader washer, thank goodness for that thing, and return to get Moriah. I put her in MY bathtub, fill the water, wash her from head to toe and let her play. I go back, remop the entire bathroom until the smell of pine sol out weighs the "ahem" smell. The bathroom is sparkling clean now, go wash my hands, find Jayden apologize for being snappy and tried to explain it wasn't him, just the incredibly time pressing, stressful situation of poo, water, overflowing toilet, baby crawling, screaming towards the mess and wow, why does my house feel like its 100 degrees in it now. Oh, Jay I wish I could be so calm all the time.

Thankfully, 3 out of the four kids were ready for church. I loaded them up, quickly dried and dressed Moriah after she came crying and walking out of the bathroom, naked, cold and wanting a towel, got her in the car. Searched my bedroom for a quick outfit, found a dress, brushed my hair, a dab of makeup here and there and we are calling it good. I called Ben and asked if he minded if we stopped for dinner, remembered that my mother in law had given us some $ for a "buycott" cause and went to the restaurant before church. Arrived at church and prayed that Hannah would be ok in the nursery because, wow, I needed to sit. We were only 10 minutes late and I did not miss my friend's baby's dedication. The worship was uplifting and I was thankful to be alone. Ben sent me a text, " You are beautiful and a great mom and wife" - sometimes, his words are the only encouragement I need to get through the day.

Today, we are intact, no place to go and taking it easy. The only upset we had today was upon cleaning the entire frig and freezer out, sweeping and mopping I decided, " hmm, let's make banana bread and I want dear Moriah to help"....well she did, and she decided at the very end to turn on the kitchen aid by herself , full speed mind you when we just put in 3 cups of flour. My kitchen and her were coated with a white fluff of snow in a matter of seconds and she just looked at me and said, " My kirt ( skirt) dirty now"....yes Moriah and so is my kitchen. Then, again, looking for something to clean it up I noticed that there was a brown mark on the door to the bathroom. I asked Moriah and she informed me that " yeserday, I wiped the stinkies off my finger" Lovely.  Hahahah, love life, love being a Mom and love laughing because sometimes, that's all you can do :) Happy toddlering :)



Oh Amanda...I have so been there before! The ups and downs of parenting are so just plain Exhausting!! Glad you are taking it easy family is also relaxing. It is always nice to have a we can get through another week of Chaos:) Hopefully no more Poo and wet disasters for you today!

Haley said...

And even in your most frazzled of moments, you handle yourself with such grace..... I think my head would have exploded! ;)

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

I always am incredulous when people say, "Oh, you're just a mom." Usually they have no kids and no idea what can and oftentimes does go into a day...

I have to say that I'm absolutely amazed that you found a swimsuit so easily. It seems to always take me multiple stores and dozens of suits tried on before I find one that I like and that fits me right!