Thursday, April 28, 2011

Come to the Fai Do Do

What a fun day we had today! We moved into the south officially last Saturday and have been blaring " Cajun for Kids" music since last week. I highly recommend this cd and other cajun and zydeco music if you ever study the Cajun/Creole culture. They are so fun to listen to and we are learning a lot of Cajun words! We talked about George Washington Carver, aka Plant Doctor, yesterday and how much he contributed to not just the plant world but also how he taught the color should not be the deciding factor. What is so cool is Jay is at the end of his language arts curriculum and ironically enough we are learning about G.W. Carver and reading about him there too! I love how God does that ! We sang, " Oh Suzannah", held cotton balls and found things in our home that were made from cotton and how heavily the south relied on the cotton industry.

I had really been looking forward to today because we started the day off with donuts outside in the cool morning, pretending we were at Morning Call ( a coffee shot in New Orleans that has been around since the early 1800s). We had our Cajun music playing as we read books on hurricanes, Alabama, and Chicken Soup for the Kids Soul ( great book!!). We also looked at pictures of Mardi Gras and talked about how God would feel if we decided to "go crazy" for a day before giving up our sinful behavior. Some interesting discussion going on in those 6 and 4 year old brains of theirs. Jayden also did a small book of pictures of category 1-5 hurricanes and wrote a sentence describing the damage that occurs at each level. He did a great job!!!
I got a few Cajun tales from the library as well; one being, " Petite Rouge" based off of the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood with a Cajun spin. The kids are ever so patient with me as I have to stop, look at the French pronunciation, get it right and then continue on. We also read a Cajun Tall Tale today and talked some more about tall tales. Tomorrow, we are moving on to Florida and Alabama and hopefully making some Key Lime Pie. Mmmm!

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