Monday, April 18, 2011

R.I.P Cobra

This past week after Riah got out of dance class she got a hold of Austen's green and blue, rubber cobra snake. Unbeknownst to me, as I was securing everyone and everything in the van she had put this beloved snake in the grips of her teeth and pulled and it tore into two pieces! Austen has had this snake for a year, it is his favorite as it is green. The entire van unraveled in a second. Riah now has millions of little black, tiny dots of gel inserts all over her, the van and her seat, Jay is besides himself sobbing for Austen, Austen is looking crushed, his lip out as far as it can protrude, eyes puddling and Hannah is crying for being in her car seat. It was a sad, sad scene.

Riah apologized to the entire car; this was not intentional but she still felt bad. WE arrived home and I was making lunch for everyone when I looked for the boys, they were outside. I called them in but they said the needed to finish digging. No problem, just finish and come in. A few minutes later, they came in , asked me to come out and I came upon a scene of grief, agony and tears. The boys had dug a hole for the snake, buried its lifeless, two part body, covered it with a pile of dirt and made a grave marking, taped it to a single stick and said "goodbye". Jay was just crying. It broke my heart. This snake was so important to both of them. HE kept saying, " as I was covering the snake up Austen kept saying, ' bye snake, bye, bye' and it made me cry harder."

Oh what precious, precious hearts you have my sons. Let me wrap my arms around you, squeeze you and preserve you. I love you and so does your Heavenly Father! The heart of the Father coming out in my boys.... so precious

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