Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rocky Mountains!

Well, I haven't updated in awhile due to our large amount of family that came into town. WE were so busy enjoying eachother and hiking that I had no time to sit and blog. We had great visits but I am happy to be back into a routine, as well. The first two pictures are of a rare, rainy day in AZ. My son, loving rain and praying for rain went outside and created music on his own but placing different objects under our patio roof and sky so that when the rain drops hit them it created a very cool sounding rhythm!

We finished up the Rocky Mountain states. It was fun to set up the tents in our backyard and pretend to camp, eat hot dogs and smores, and read about beavers, grizzly bears and badgers. Due to our long "sergenti" grass back there, I did feel as if I were in a field at the base of the Rocky Mountains. We talked about how to keep a clean campsite, what types of equipment to bring along, etc. We also talked about Smokey the bear and hibernation. On to Alaska!

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