Saturday, April 2, 2011


I have always wanted to visit Alaska. It looks so beautiful and breath taking, so dangerous and enchanting all at the same time. We visited Alaska, this past week, as apart of our Konos study. We read a lot about polar bears and their differences and similarities to brown and black bears. We located on a map where they live and how they hunt. THis week, we are planning on going to the pool to swim and pretend to be polar bears and seals. The boys, especially, are excited about this game!

Due to family coming into town and really needing to stay on schedule due our pending trip and considering that we have been on this one character trait ALL YEAR, we are making a couple of the states studies shorter than a week. We made an igloo out of ice cubes which was hillarious considering it was 100 degrees outside! The cubes melted faster than I could say "frozen". Jay also learned that the Inuits used seal intestines to create sunglasses for themselves so we cut out of an old cereal box and made slits to make our own Inuit sunglasses. I also gave Jayden a block of soap and we discussed out the Indians felt the ivory that they had "spoke" to them and they carved it creating faces of different things, etc. Jayden created a bear face on oneside of the goal is to do a sled race to the pool with Riah being the person and Jay and Austen the dogs....our next stop is Oregon and Washington! Phew, I'm getting tired!

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