Friday, April 22, 2011

The Southwest! Part II

See the cd player?? We were blaring our Mexican music until Ben said he could hear it from our living room

We are wrapping up our fun filled week with studying the southwest and Easter. It's been a busy school week but not a busy "on the go" week ...which after last week I am perfectly fine with that. This week, we read more on deserts, droughts, water conservation. We talked about how pit vipers , ie: rattlesnakes, smell, what senses they have, etc. In the above pictures the kids are working on their pinatas that we will paint today and fill with some candy for them to break open.

The weather was beautiful yesterday, cool mornings, cool evenings and warmer temperatures during the day. Ben took the boys swimming for a huge part of the afternoon which was so incredibly nice. The house was silent I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself.

I am fluent in Spanish but trying to find a good Spanish program for kids is a lot harder than I anticipated. It's really important for me to have my kids bilingual and hopefully trilingual when they get to HS and choose a language of their own choosing. Soo, I am still working on that part. However, we talked alot yesterday on Texas, their culture and their heavy Mexican and Spanish influence. We counted in Spanish, listened to Los Lobos y Lalo Guerrero on the cd player ALL DAY LONG ( haha :) ) and danced.

I made up this fast paced color game where I had this magnetic color shapes and I would toss the azul one to Jay and he would look at it, repeat and then throw it to Austen. We had a rotation of colors flying around the room and the kids thought it was hilarious when Moriah would throw hers to me, miss me and I would have to go get it :)

I was pretty impressed that even Moriah could locate Texas on the map. Austen could label about 60% of the states that we have covered and Jay about 85%. The ones in the middle, Nebraska, Kansas they look really similar so a little bit harder to decipher.

Today, we will be painting our pinatas and listening to more Mexican music. I have all my music and books for the Southern study so we will be jumping right on board with that tomorrow! I am super excited since the south is my favorite region of the US. For me, it's enchanting....I don't know why but I could live there even though my husband wants nothing to do with it :) I did push for a job in Nashville back 6 years ago but after a few lack of communication on their part we parted ways with a possible life there and settled out here.

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