Thursday, April 28, 2011

Peaceful Slumber

You are nine months now, how are you nine months? You move around in an army crawl motion with a vengence. But now, you don't try to find me much anymore, we explore. You see an open door and move like a shooting bullet after it before I see that it is towards a room that looks nothing short of a lego store and shut the door. I shut the door, I keep shutting doors to the bathroom, the boys room and you look at me like, " you are no fun" . 
Yesterday, Moriah was feeding you with my quartered grapes, then you started gagging and unbeknownst to me my wall and toilet crayon coloring two, almost three year old, was feeding you three whole size GRAPES- yes, Hannah, Jesus is on your side and I need heart medicine. 
You sleep, almost through the night now. Why am I sad about this? I miss you at night, your little piercing eyes staring at me with wonder and peace. I love how I can fulfill that in you. It's like me to God. But please, wake up at least for 4 minutes so we can share that time together. 
You say, " mamamamamama" whenever you want me, look at me, or need some love. I love whispering in your ear and watching you stop, intently focus on my voice and smile. I love how when I'm feeding you in the same room as Daddy you stop, peer at him and crack the largest smile you have. 
Hannah, my heart is overflowing with love- I love you!

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