Friday, April 22, 2011

How Expensive Are Your Children?

Due to rising gas prices, I have been thinking about the costs of things lately. Where to go, where not to go, how to consolidate my trips, etc. and then I start thinking about the kids what they cost, what they need , etc. To be honest, yes they eat food and need the basic necessities in life but kids are as expensive or inexpensive as you want to make them ( and this has nothing to do with medically related expenses- that is a whole other story). I am talking about toys, stuff basically.

I can remember the different fads going on in school and how I had to be apart of them. As a parent, you get sucked into this mentality so much more if you are not careful. Children will appreciate a pad of paper and crayons way more than a new game system if you have taught them the beauty of imagination and creativity. They will appreciate a simple walk around the neighborhood and stopping to find the tiniest wievel in the grass if you let them. My kids have taught me "simple" on many, many different levels. The saying, " stop and smell the roses", children really DO this and I forget, as a fast paced adult to stop if it weren't for my children.

What do kids need? They need me to sit down and play with the toys they already have with them, to read a novel together, to play games they already have. They do not need me to buy them entertainment gadgets that will only take time away for them and myself, their time together or deprieve them of alone time where they could be learning the importance of down time.

My challenge is think before you buy.....many times magazine will label this toy as " educational" when in essence, it is merely a ploy to pull you or your child into a world of fast paced, image loaded, sound magnified "stuff". Go to the library, check out a FREE book and read it together, go on a nature walk, laugh together, tickle each other and enjoy simple- everyone else tries to complicate childhood with stuff- simplify it and enjoy the peace the comes with it. Children are a blessing from the Lord- God will give you creativity on how to enjoy your blessings, have more blessings by simply releasing yourself with brands, too much toys and other things that cloud your mind.

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