Thursday, April 7, 2011

Potty Train All Aboard!

Yes, Moriah is potty trained, more appropriately put Moriah trained her potty. If any of you have potty trained a child before it is a very humbling experience. I tried to potty train her at 21 months- HAHA! It was a joke. I did, successfully do it until Hannah arrived and then she resorted back into making puddles all around our home. Do we have a puppy now? So after waking up morning after morning very irritated we put her in pull ups and life became so much easier. The only problem, FOR ME, was that I felt like I failed. I know it may sound so insane, but I put a lot of effort into my children and potty training was one of them.

Jay was "p.t'd" at 37 months, Austen at 26 months ( completely I might add, meaning no accidents ever- amazing child that he is), and then there is Moriah. I had someone pose a question, what are your tips. I wish I had some. To be honest, all those potty training books out there, I am beginning to realize are just lovely references to what a perfect world would look like if we could cookie cutter our children into them.

How did Moriah finally get it? She had diarrhea the entire previous week and turned around, figured out what the sensation was to "go" and started running to the bathroom and doing her business on her own. Isn't that what potty trained really is? I mean, for them to know the sensation and just go not us always reminding them or pumping them full of juice? Yes, I have finally figured it out- just like airline ticket prices, there is no pattern to potty training with each child- To each his own, and to their mama, well it's better to buy pull ups longer and have a peaceful environment with a child that is not quite ready than to force an agenda that will come in its own time. Wow, took me 3.5 years to figure that out- yes, 3 children potty trained in 3.5 years...good, GOOD times.

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Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

hahahaha... PT-ing is my nemesis. My mom has always said that if you can potty train your child (or have your child take care of that on their own), than teaching a child how to read is a piece of cake.

I have to completely agree. Every child of mine has been completely different. My third showed signs of being ready the earliest and it ended up being the messiest, most drawn-out process of all. ugh.