Saturday, April 2, 2011


Last week the rodeo came to town. Now, I don't know much about a rodeo. I have never been to one in my life and honestly, I was never really into the whole horse/cowboy theme growing up. However, living in AZ I have decided to embrace all which is southwestern and so, we headed to the rodeo.

On Saturday, they had the family rodeo- I didnt' want to pay for the pro rodeo since I knew the kids would not be able to sit that long but for $5 parking we had a blast! The kids ground corn like the Hohokam Indians using a large stone that had been smoothed out down the middle as well as a harder, grinder stone to crush the corn into corn flour. Also, they made cloth dolls and shakers. After that, with sweet live, country music playing in the background and hay stacks for seats, we headed over to the pony rides. It was so cool. Moriah had just mentioned the previous day, after reading about Miniature horses, how she would love to ride one and " dey are cute" and there, God answered her prayer so fast! The rode in a circle for a few minutes and then we went off the farm petting zoo where there was so many animals for the kids to play with: bunnies, roosters, chicks, ducklings, ducks, piglet, a calf, goat, etc. The kids just kept petting and petting the animals, " the petting zoo is open"- haha, inside joke.

Then from there we watched something I had never heard of, mutton racing. There were these kids, with helmets on who rode a mutton- a young sheep I guess and tried to hang on as long as possible. I asked Jay if he wanted to but he was not into the idea until the end of our time and then the muttons were too overheated to ride anymore. Never fear, there was stick horse racing, lasso lessons and pig chasing for Austen. The pig chasing was crazy. I couldn't really see Austen as there was like 30 4 year olds packed into a corral chasing pigs and I just kept watching a see of pigs go one way and a slew of kids go the other.  We finished off our extremely fun afternoon with cotton candy and popcorn! This was such a fun experience and learning experience, for the kids and myself. I hope to be able to attend an event like this next year!

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