Thursday, April 28, 2011

Way Past Due Midwest Blog

How could I NOT post these amazing pictures?! Back before all of our family arrived, actually while waiting for my Dad to come in late February we were completely engulfed in the Midwest states, mainly Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa. For a fun activity we made "bean" bags and filled them with beans as many soy beans grown in this particular area of the country. ( Yes, don't get me started on Food Inc) but for all intensive purposes, we cut, sewed with my amazing sewing machine and filled our bean bags. If you know anything about me, you know how much I love sewing, how little I know about it and how little I do it. I think the biggest reason is the size of our house and how I have to put everything away and get it out and with Hannah's sleeping quarters in the area where I store it, well it just makes for my free time where I could be sewing always falling into the " shoot, forgot to take the machine out again" category. Never fear, we had a LOT of fun and laughter with our trusty bean bags and the kids are learning, which is so fun for me to watch and soak in.

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