Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Tooth Fairy

Last night, we arrived home from football practice and Austen bumped his large, round head into the front of Jayden's rubbery mouth. The end result was his very loose top tooth was not even looser and he cried over to Ben, who calmed him down and after a few wiggles and tugs his first top tooth was laying in his hand!

We completely do the tooth fairy....some of you may think that's strange as we don't play up the Easter bunny or Santa Claus and for me the answer is simple, there are no religious ties to loosing a tooth as there is to Santa Claus so I don't feel like I have to "fight" the current of trying to instill why we celebrate something from a Christian perspective vs a secular....but ANYWAYS that was a tangent :)

I am laying in bed and all of a sudden I start sobbing, like all out sobbing, uncontrollably sobbing. It had everything to do with this mental picture I kept seeing in my mind of dropping my little 9 month old off at the local YMCA and his lower lip puffing out, tears welling in his eyes and his stubby teeth staring me down as I kissed him and hugged him and reassured him my 30 minute workout would go FAST!

Slow down Jayden!!!! I am so proud of you, so proud of your character, your heart your ability to learn and to be sensitive to others feelings. I could not ask God for a better son than you. You bless my heart everyday!! You are selfless, sensitive to the Holy Spirit. You encourage, love, are loyal, love the Lord. But son, if you could do one thing for me, please slow down. Your "big" tooth is bulging at the seams inside your gum and it is only a matter of time before that enormous tooth comes racing down to fill the gap where your once little baby tooth sat. I'm not ready for this part yet because, to me, that symbolizes a new stage in our game. A boy stage. Not a little boy, but a boy. Where is the time going, who can I talk to about slowing the clock. Where did someone have the idea of let's grow up as fast as we can???? I mean I know I always wanted to be 15 when I was 10 or married when I was 15 but seriously, that was me. It is NOT ok for my kids to move this fast......please, just grow up just s   l     o      w

It was last night's moment with mascara smeared everywhere that I just thanked God over and over for the ability to home school. Homeschooling gives me the time that would be given to someone else. I now am able to breathe life into them each and everyday. Someone asked me yesterday is it overwhelming? Overall, no...sometimes, of course. But the whole it is a blessing beyond my wildest descriptions and I am gaining precious, precious moments, snippets of time that collectively will add to my beautiful memory bank. I am thankful to God, thankful for His love and His grace and thankful that he blessed us with Jayden, our beautiful surprise.

PS. Jayden asked that I write the toothfairy a letter ( I cut it as a butterfly) and ask her to leave the tooth and Austen asked to know her name, our resident tooth fairy is " Lady Dainty" . Who's yours?

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Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

We do the tooth fairy too, but no Santa or the Bunny for the exact same reasons. I have no problem with pretend, but I don't want my children's attention drawn away from the beauty and sacredness of why we celebrate Easter and Christmas...

Since the dentist has only pulled one tooth so far, we have very little experience with the Tooth Fairy and they haven't asked for a name. With X being almost 7, I'm sure he'll lose a tooth, naturally, sometime soon! :)

I love the name "Lady Dainty". I might just snag it!