Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Paddling Our Way Through da Swamps!

our blended peanuts- aka peanut butter
I am loving this picture of Austen, he cracks me up! Last week, we shelled a whole lot of peanuts and talked more about George Washington Carver. I am learning so much myself. To think of how God used him to think creatively and out of the box and what benefits it created for so many others. We found Missouri on the map and moved our hands down to Alabama. We read more of our Scholastic states books focusing on Florida, Alabama and North Carolina. Then, we blended our own peanut butter because what is the use of shelling all those peanuts and the mess that ensues if we don't have something quite tasty coming out of it. The kids all shrieked at the loud noise of the blender, maybe blenders are noisy or mine is on its way out. Either way, we successfully blended and spread are very own peanut butter. I love " taste" learning!

All the while, I had steel drum music and southern Floridian ambiance floating around. Can I have a pina colada please? We ate oranges together ( shh, they were from California)  and talked about the importance of the citrus economy in Florida and also the factors that play into whether citrus fruit will grow or not. We have yet to make the Key Lime Pie but will hopefully get to that on Friday. Another great books series is the "Goodnight States" book. We checked out the Florida one from the library and I would like to make a mental note for when we revisit this trait, a couple of years from now, to get those books again. The southern states are soo huge that I could spend a month on them, but time if of essence and I am getting into the sprint of my "race" now so we are moving on to Washington DC and ending w/ our key lime pie and a Southern picnic.

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