Thursday, November 3, 2011

Courage through David

I was so excited to start our new unit study on courage! The definition of courage that we are learning is: Doing what is right even if it is dangerous and even if I am afraid.

My hope is that the kids will come away understanding the difference between cowardice and caution and be willing to take risks for a higher cause. Psalms 18:2 will be our verse for the next few weeks. Tomorrow, the kids will do a picture of what they feel the verse "looks" like to them. Yesterday, we read the entire story of David and Goliath. I LOVE how David shouted at Goliath that the battle is the Lord's! How awesome is that! We can apply this to so many situations in life- walk victoriously, the battle is the Lord's! The boys then wrote out questions that they would ask David, if they could.

I loved reading their questions: How did it feel? Was it hard to cut Goliath's head off? What were you thinking when Goliath fell?, etc..

We discussed that when we have our own " Goliath's" in our lives how we need to cut their heads off figuratively as well otherwise they will come back again and again. Never give the enemy a foothold in your life, he will take it and cause his cancer to spread rapidly.

The boys then constructed their own sling shots and practiced shooting them in the backyard. Spanish, language arts and math were all accomplished as well thanks to Ben taking the two girls to work out. The house was unusually quiet and it was VERY nice!

The boys and I played a fraction pizza game, a sequential numbering game, a location motion game that focuses on prepositions and read some stories. I am so excited to be studying a new trait and especially this one. We have so many fun things planned and my prayer is that each day I enjoy this journey more and more.

I ordered a bunch of books from the library and Ben was laughing at my stack sitting in my van to take back, " Are you starting your own library?"- why, yes I am...I like to call it " Books on wheels". I will drive up to your home and roll my window down, all the while playing books on cd while you sort through the mangled piles of books strewn throughout the car until you find your gem, check it out and stroll along your merry way. Yes, books on wheels and I'll even throw in some crumbly crackers inside the pages for your reading, snacking pleasure. :)

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