Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sports and Lessons Too Soon???

My Son Jayden is 7.5. He has just started soccer through a great organization and it is his first time back in almost two years. This past Saturday, we battled the high 40s, wind and cold to cheer on our beloved Jayden from the sidelines. With the promise of hot cocoa from Starbucks and the library after the game, I had a very enthusiastic crowd free from bad attitudes despite the wind ripping at our chapped faces.

I had the boys in soccer two years ago, this January, and they were 5 and 3. After seeing Jayden play hard and enthusiastic I was almost laughing at his earlier years at 3,4 and 5 where he pranced around the field yelling, screeching and dancing. Then there was Austen where he would saunter through the field on soccer, walk the field in flag football and did ok with his shy smirk in t-ball.

Moriah has done well in dance and has really enjoyed it so what I am about to say is a rule of thumb, but there can be exceptions. Here is my knowledge gained based on time, money and energy spent. Sports are fun to play and watch....but, how much of us putting our kids in sports at an early age is more for us, then for them? Just a thought. Jayden has gotten so much more out of soccer in the past few weeks than he EVER did as a three and four year old. I think, for us, I would rather wait until age 7 or 8 to play a sport. Honestly, maybe they'll be a little behind the first season but I guarantee you they will catch up quite quickly given the age and coordination that was gained between age 4/5 to age 7/8.

Soo, I cannot see me putting Austen in sports for the next few years and you know what, I am very ok with that. Moriah, she loves dance and enjoys it fully so I can understand that - but unless you LOVE it....its too much of a time commitment and money and energy and balancing act to do something for my sense of " look, my child is in a sport" mentality :) Just a thought.

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