Friday, November 4, 2011

Daniel and the Lion's Den-Grr

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Ok, what a fun, cool, windy day we have had so far! It started off a little rough.  Hannah decided that today she wanted to eat us out of house and home...I literally felt like I was cutting up fruit, grilled cheese and carrots all mid morning long! She went down for an early nap. Then, Ben and I were upstairs talking and Austen comes screaming in a blood curdling sort of way up the stairs. His foot is an enormous shade of green and blue and throbbing. Apparently, Moriah was throwing my free style weights at the boys. Jayden said he was trying to protect himself by curling up on the couch! Thankfully, Austen can walk on his foot and there appears to be no fracture. We will still watch it but seriously, who flings weights, and especially someone with the arms the size of baby toothpicks? Good grief!

Riah went down for a very early nap as well without lunch- she had a "tad" melt down that ended in her screaming in someones ear. Soo, the boys had the great idea of practicing our Spanish. This was a great "ice breaker" as I was a little stressed and who can be stressed when you are singing, " Jehova es mi pastor, nunca me faltara?"- Jehovah is my Shepard, never will I lack. :)

We made flash cards of our vocabulary and taped them to there appropriate object, ie: el libro-book. Then, we learned our memory verses in Spanish. Then, we moved on to courage in Konos. I am feel so blessed learning about all of the biblical characters who showed courage and strength in the face of adversity. I am so thankful we wrapped up responsibility too. We were definitely ready for a change.

Today, we read the entire story, out of hte Bible, of Daniel. We discussed what the likelihood of Daniel surviving the fall into the den without the lions devouring him. Especially since the bible states that the government officials, their wives and children who put Daniel in the den, were they themselves thrown in afterwards and the lions devoured and crushed their bones before they even hit the bottom of the den!

We researched lions on the Internet and came across National Geographic kids. We listened to a lion's roar and talked about how God is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. We also wrote a "research" paper ( a paragraph) on interesting facts on lions. For Jayden, we focused on basic punctuation marks, capitalization, indentation, etc. For Austen, his job was to draw a picture and tell me something(s) about lions.

WE then listened to, thank you "youtube" Joshua Fought the Battle at Jericho and Shadrach, Meshach and Abendego. The kids and I smiled, sang and snapped our way through that fun song all the way emphasizing that " The battle is Mine says the Lord"- this seems to be a theme for us lately.

Jayden and I moved into n+9=15 equations and more multiplication. I cannot believe how early it seems they introduce algebraic equations. I feel like when I was in third, I was learning the basic multiplication at the END of the year. I was also 9 where Jay is 7....its just insane sometimes!

We wrapped up our day in style and now the boys have a window open ( not sure if that is such a good idea), watching the dust storm in the distance. We were hoping to go hiking tonight but I think that will have to wait. I am thankful for today because it did not start off as productive as I would have liked but I am really trying and not letting my circumstance and feelings dictate my responses as well as smiling more. so Cheese   : D !!!

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I love your blog! You are a wonderful Mama!