Saturday, November 12, 2011

Take Time

Take time to breathe, to play, to laugh, to read, to enjoy, to slow down, to rest, to giggle, to be silly, to learn about new things, to revisit old things, to see life in your child's eyes, to enjoy the wonder of their world, to see life in the eyes of someone who wishes you would slow down.

Take time to pray, to trust God, to rest in His peace, to believe, to be refreshed, to grow stronger.

Take time to bake, to create, to make mistakes, to make messes, to learn, to imagine, to build, to name ants " Slammer, Tammer, Racer", to sit with an empty water bottle and fill it full with leaves, sticks and grass, to run, to walk.

Take time to enjoy your children- they are a precious gift worth investing in. Take time to say no to activities and say yes to quality one on one time.

Take time, before the time takes you by surprise.

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