Thursday, November 3, 2011


Lately, I have experienced the true depths of some particular friendships. These friendships are forged through the fire and share intimate details of life, love and pain. I am so thankful for my Jonathans and to be a Jonathan to my friends. I am thankful for encouragement, encouraging, laughter, tears, prayer and dedication.

You do not need many of these friendships, and at best to be kept to a very small amount is better. Your heart is a fragile yet strong bond that you give and receive from these "angels" on earth. I thank God for friends. If you know me well enough, you know I am an onion. I allow you to know as much of me as I want to be known. And, I am ok with that. Trust is earned, not rewarded.

Thank you God that I can be apart of something truly unique and special- a friendship that transcends acquaintance and friendly "hellos".

As homeschooling moms and young women, we need true, God given friendships. I stress that you do not stretch yourself to far thin. Pray and choose who you are able to truly give to and receive from. There is so much work involved that it would be far to exhausting to dedicate this much time to so many people. We need other women, who are also in the trenches, to come along side us and encourage and say, " been there done that ( or doing that)" - you are not alone, so many young moms are going through the same things that you, yourself are. Go out there, and do not isolate yourself. There is so much to gain when you seek out a friendship.

Thank you God for my beautiful friends, both near and far....they are a treasure and tears feel my eyes as I think of my love for them, and their love for me. Here's to the trenches, the imperfections, the mess ups, the learning opportunities, the milestones, births,'s to the journey!

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