Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dirty Underwear By the Laundry Room Door

I had to smile the other evening as I walked past the laundry room door and there was another big boy pant sitting there with a few wet dabbles on the front. Earlier that day, there was a big girl pant with Cinderella on the front and a sweet little streak mark sitting in it. Every day, two of my children will leave a pair or two of underwear sitting outside the laundry room door, if Hannah is sleeping ( yes, she sleeps in the laundry room, yes she has a pack n play, yes she loves it and yes there is a fan in there.) or put them in the dirty basket.

There is a sweet innocence that I find in these little pairs of thrown undies. It's a " I"m having so much fun I can't stop" or a potty dance with tears, " I gotta go potty, I gotta go potty!!!"- well just go potty then! Or, I'm drinking waaaay too much water during bed time and oops a little slipped out before I could make it to the bathroom.

My bathroom is cleaned daily and every day there is spilled fish food, toothpaste smears, toothbrushes laying all over, splattered sink marks, water sprayed or splashed on the mirror, bath toys spilled all over the bath tub, little yellow marks on the back of the toilet seat, and a million towels pulled out of their cupboards to clean up the millionth spill of water or the child who decides that SHE wants to cleanse her feet in her own mini spa with our foam hand soap and sink - sorry water conservation, I can't be in all places at all times!

The bathroom, to me, needs to be spotless and clean- yet, each day I have the same routine of cleaning it. I used to get frustrated because it was always dirty by days end. Sorry guests who dare venture into the kids bathroom. Now, I am starting to shift - this is my season in life with my children. Someday, my bathroom will be untouched, unmoved and unlived in. There will be no speckles on the back of the seat or bath toys of any kind in the bathtub. The purple, orange, red and green toothbrushes will be replaced with boring white and the oh so creative " red stripe". The fish will be dead and even if he is still alive, the food will always end up in the bowl and not accidentally strewn all over my clean counter.

Life is put into perspective when it is written into words. My emotions and mental mindset is much too precious to me to be wasted on getting frustrated over something that will occur daily, not because my children are being naughty but because their skills are not fine tuned.

This is my life. I have a guest bathroom now, thank you God- my suggestion, if you arriving late in the day, that should be your only option. Love my children :)

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Sam Bones said...

You have such a great way of thinking about things Amanda, enjoy their younger years while you can. We used to be the ones messing up bathrooms and boy those days went by fast.