Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Day in Jamestown...Hmmm

Ok, I will begin this with what we did today. We read a few more books on Jamestown and began to read a book on Pocahontas but needed to stop because Hannah refused to stop screeching and pulling on pages. The boys went outside to build wattle and daub ( mud) walls just as the colonist did for their homes and buildings inside the fort. We drove stakes ( small sticks) into the ground, intertwined vines ( fresh off the tree leaf twigs) in between the stakes and formed mud around the structure to dry and harden.

The boys worked pretty hard on their wall, washed up outside and came in to go upstairs and start recreating the Jamestown fort. We first tried to use legos but were having a very hard time forming a triangle point on the green building mat so we switched to lincoln logs. This worked fairly well,  they created a fort and set up their Indians and Cavaliers and workmen. The boys pretended to have a battle of gunfire and arrows and enjoyed this for awhile. Finally, this afternoon, we worked on math.

Ok, now I will fill in the gaps. Today was honestly a very frustrating day. Hannah was into everything. I felt that nothing was getting done to the level that I had expected it to. My plan for sitting and reading turned into a disaster as books were falling off the couch, Hannah was all over, drooling over everything and screeching. Austen kept zoning out, Moriah was being a complete " Ramona" and Jay was fine.

When we were outside building our walls, Austen kept asking me over and over if there were ants outside, and if they were going to climb up their see my son's opinion of ants see this post nature walk turns deadly. Then, when the boys went upstairs they kept coming down over and over because " so and so was not helping, they weren't sure how to do it....". I had imagined them upstairs for hours playing and creating this fort. Darn you expectations. THEN, our lincoln logs kept falling over, Hannah again, crept upstairs and tried to be the jolly green giant and overtake the poor Indians and Colonists. Then, after it was all over, Moriah destroyed the entire fort. The icing on the cake.

To say that I felt quite defeated today was for sure. It was just a frustrating day. I want everyday to move seamless and smooth and that is an unrealistic expectation, I want Moriah to be a "big helper" everyday and that is unrealistic. Finally, tonight, the kids were told to go upstairs to brush teeth.....we hear run,laugh,run,laugh, upstairs and Austen caught a corner with his forehead, huge bump, huge gash that by God's grace did not break open and averting a trip to the Urgent Care and huge screams. Ok, breathe, God give me grace right now because more than anything I feel angry for their disobedience. Needless to say, I am thankful they are in bed. Tomorrow is a busy day with a blacksmith field trip, art co op and an archery class..... oh, and Jay had an origami class tonight so Hannah and I hung out at Target while she tried to eat my new pumpkin spice candle and then later, spilled an entire sippy cup of milk over my newly mopped floor.

Anyone else ever have days like mine? More than anything I want to down an iced mocha with whip....more than anything....but since we have no coffee and I am too tired to go out , I"ll settle for crackers and iced water instead. Here's to a new day tomorrow.


Moms In Need Of Mercy said...

Yes, Amanda! I thought your day sounded magical :) Glad to hear we all have the same struggles. You should read this post:
(love her blog)

It really ministered to me, especially this quote:
"We are living in homes where the laws of thermo dynamics take place every day–that energy is depleting at a constant rate and everything is moving toward disorder. Knowing this–understanding that it will never change–and give yourself grace. Do not expect perfection. Do not condemn yourself or become angry at your children because they are not perfect.

Walk in grace. Celebrate life. Look for joy in the corners of your life. Always find a friend to pray with, to share life with, who holds your ideals and values. Know that all moms have the same issues–just different puzzles to put together."

Here's to a great day! (PS. there's a book giveaway on my blog that I think you would love!)


Amanda said...

thank you Cheryl, this really encouraged me!!!