Thursday, September 8, 2011

Today Was One of Those Days

I pretty much knew from the moment I was awaken at 130am by screams of teething molar pain and then taking another two hours to actually fall back asleep only to sleepily say over the course of 45 minutes, "five more minutes, Jay, five more minutes..." that it was going to be a rough day.

I need my sleep. More than I need a whole lot of things; my sleep is imperative to me. I have no idea why it is taking me so long to fall asleep lately. Maybe I just have to many school planning thoughts racing through my brain- no really that could be a real possibility. Whatever the reason, its getting old.

We of course had no cold cereal and no baking powder for waffles so I made Monster, aka German, pancakes w/ honey. This turned out well but Hannah seemed unusually bent on throwing every last piece of sticky food on the floor, the dishes seemed to multiply exponentially and I felt like I was running in circles. Ever have days like this?

I need to feel productive, the whole day doesn't need to feel this way, but atleast one portion of it. I knew that due to my sleep deprivation I should just chill out and read to the kids but I really wanted to accomplish more. Soo, Jay went upstairs to build legos and I sat down and did math with Austen and Moriah. This went well after we overcame Austen's heart issue that we have been dealing with lately. He is moving along quite well and I am pleased that despite his sour attitude to participate in some activities he really is paying attention and learning. He learns things 100% differently than my oldest; for me, this equals "brain fry".

After I finished math with the two middle ones, we attempted to start language arts but like I said, it was one of those days. Hannah pulled out placemate after placemate, dumped an entire bag of markers, opened cupboard door after cupboard door, tried to pull down appliances and deshelve my entire bookshelf. She ate crayons, crumbs, attempted the stamps and its ink, pulled toilet paper off its roll, and dumped whatever she could get her hands on, legos, blocks, toys out everywhere. I had no energy for any of this and even though it was Ben's weekend, he happened to be quite sick today. Again, lending to my "off day".

I decided to skip the language arts and just read to them. This went really well. We focused on beavers and I found a place to buy faux fur for our hats, only its only $15 per yard. No thank you. So I will still be on the hunt for faux fur. I suggested we unstuff an abandoned teddy bear or something but I'm sure you can tell, this idea did not go over well at ALL. Apparently, all animals have feelings and emotions and should never have surgery performed on them in the name of education.

Nap time went well, I worked out and it was horrible- due to my exhaustion, went to Hobby Lobby and found some fun Christmas gifts but no faux fur, the reason for my trip and then purchased a sewing machine- best thing about this day! Tomorrow will be better. Today just felt frustrating and blah

Couple on top of that, the news was on and a very inappropriate story for young seven year old ears was reporting and I said, " Jay, go upstairs" and he wandered into the kitchen, then came back into the living room. " Go upstairs NOW!"- I said very, VERY firmly! I went upstairs and said to him very seriously, Jayden, you are getting older and my window of being able to shade you from evil things that go on in this world is getting smaller and smaller but son, you will grow up knowing that I did my very best to preserve that window of innocence as long as possible. If I get angry, my anger is more directed at my inability to prevent you from hearing and learning about horrific things, not at you." A very emotional conversation to have with someone who is growing up faster than my heart has room to comprehend.


why yes, yes I am still wide awake

who me? making messes, I do declare who would accuse such a thing?
Hannah is still awake, sitting on the tile in her purple pajamas, floofy blonde hair and running a metal spoon against the tile saying, " uh-oh, uh-oh". Oh Hannah

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