Monday, September 19, 2011

Things to Remeber Today

*Jayden forgetting what he was saying and me saying, " was it about school, dinner???..." and then Austen pipes up " chocolate trees?"
*Riah refusing to be called Riah ....only "Cubbie" will do
*Riah calling Hannah " Breann" and telling me that is her name now.
*Jayden sneaking up behind me and jumping out and literally scaring me half to death
*At dinner, a couple of nights ago, sitting next to Jayden and him waving a spinach leaf next to me and said , " I'm fanning you"
*Making the kids eat the most horrid vegetable soup ever known to man, Ben coming home, trying the soup and silently dumping it out and stating with a smile, " I can't believe you are making them eat this"- it was that BAD!
*Hannah waving her arms and clapping excitedly when she saw Riah dancing through the door window and saying over and over ," Isa, isa" ( for sister, sister!)
*Jayden, crying hysterically at our bedroom door tonight because he is the "only nocturnal person alive" and he wanted to fall asleep
*Moriah, who peed the bed the other night, climbing in for a nap yesterday and wiggling all around in her warm, sweet smelling, fresh laundered sheets and bedspread and saying, " its so warm and cozy, I love cozy"
*Coming into Riah's bedroom with every single item pulled out of every single drawer and her entire closet pulled apart and seeing Austen's sheepish face when asked if he was apart of this mess- answer, yes.
*Moriah waking up at night, having to go potty and then as I carry her back to bed she rests her head on my shoulder and pats my back gently.
* Hannah situating herself directly under her high chair with a stone serious face on eating dried morsels.
* Listening to Hannah sing in a high pitched, angelic voice
* Asking Jayden what 5+1 is and him stating, " I don't know, my brain is hurting me now"
* Austen sounding out words and saying, " I hope Hanns doesn't find us in our secret hiding spot" as Hannah rounds the bend of the living room to the dining room and smiling
* Hannah walking around last night with access coupon paper stuck all over her feet- out of control, impulsive.
* Riah wearing only her big girl pants and her cubbie vest this morning

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