Friday, September 30, 2011

Why Do I Do the Things I Naught?

I am having a moment....kind of a downer moment to be honest. I can tell this is the moment where I need to pray because I am allowing circumstantial things to overwhelm me. Some of the things are not even that huge, to be honest- most are not but I am the prime example of allowing one issue to be used as teh shovel to go around and gather every other nook and cranny issue, insecurity or fault and pile it altogether to form a party.

God, please help me to be the kind of wife and mama that you desire for me. I pray that we would look to the future with expectancy and hope and not with fear or insecurity. When life does not seem to go as planned I pray our faith in you would grow stronger. Take all of my insecurities and fears and replace them with your confidence, a kind of strong, quiet confidence that does not fear the future. But that is full of strength and dignity. Take all of my flaws and transform them- through the renewing of my mind.

God give me authenticity, patience and grace. I feel like I'm floundering at times, give me stability.

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