Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Precious Sight to See

Yesterday morning I heard little Miss Hanns babbling and saying " uh-oh" over and over from her crib and then she was silent. I continued on with our school morning since we were tackling language arts and math and, for us, those are hard subjects to cover when a little, sweet one year old is walking five steps and "ploofing" down all over you.

Later that morning I was looking at the clock and deciding to go work out before the fitness center closed and before lunch....but little Miss Hanns was still sleeping so I went into her room and I found her little legs and arms pulled in as she slept soundly on her tummy and sticking up straight into the was her little bare bottom!

How precious was this sight to me; one of those sights that make you smile and laugh out loud the entire day. Her wet diaper was ripped off and laying on the floor ( thankfully it was only wet! I've dealt with dirty before, not so precious). I can just see it, " Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh", throw, lay back down and fall asleep.

Little Miss disheveled, floofy, blonde hair Hanns- you are a miracle and I treasure you!

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