Thursday, September 29, 2011

Unassisted Play

Last night Ben and I had the kids go outside to play. The weather is still reaching over 100 during the day so cabin fever has set in and is going crazy right now. We have some large pieces of cardboard boxes that have been broken down and slowly making their way into the recycling, some dirt and some trees in our backyard. The kids, armed with, simply put, only their imaginations headed out to explore.

After about 15 minutes, I peered outside and they were all engaged in a very intense game of throwing " knives and tomahawks" at their target. The goal was to pierce the target ( the cardboard) and thus making a point. We had so much fun watching them take on characters, " Caila ( Riah), Shirley ( Austen, haha), and Doomer ( Jayden). They played this game for over an hour and then again, bright and early in the six o' clock morn.

Free, unassisted play. Imaginative, creative, resourceful play. Play on babies, play on!

never to do anything, without being dressed to the "t"

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