Saturday, February 18, 2012

Books Bring Comfort

This year, I made a list of the chapter books I wanted to read with the kids and to the kids. Many times, at night, Ben will read a chapter of a book prior to the Bible. This is such a precious moment during our day because it creates a shared adventure. Laurence Housman writes in his book, The Unexpected Years:

These family readings formed so satisfying a bond between older and younger that I can hardly think of family life without it; and I marvel when I hear of families in whose upbringing it has had no place.

There are shared experiences and trails unearthed because of a good book. I am a bit of a book snob and I want my children to grow up that way too. The color of the imagery and the poetic movement of the words is so incredibly important in painting a timeless picture for a child. Some of the books on my list have made it due to friends talking highly of it; others, recommendations or plain curiousness of books I have yet to read. Here is a list of some of the chapter books I hope to accomplish with my children this exciting year:

* Mr Popper's Penguins ( already started)
* The Borrowers
* Winnie the Pooh ( classic version)
* Betsy Tacy series 
* The Light on Tern Rock ( already started)
* The Knight's Castle ( already started)
* Charlotte's Web
* Little House in the Big Woods
* Stuart Little
* Indian in the Cupboard
* Paddle to the Sea
* Smoky: The Cow Horse
* Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang
* Peter Pan
* Mary Poppins

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Moms In Need Of Mercy said...

another good one we read recently (only took a few days to get through) was The Apple and the Arrow. Also a friend said her kids loved My Father's Dragon...have you read that one? It's pretty cute.