Thursday, February 2, 2012

God Fills In The Gaps

This was the topic of our Mid Year Refresher.  Can I just mention how thankful I am for this group of dedicated, Christian homeschoolers who vigilantly watch legislation, encourage homeschooling parents and offer many many resources to us that are out there. I never understood the magnitude of stating, " yes I will home school" until I started jumping into it.

This past year has been a challenge, to say the least. We are accomplishing so much but at the same time my idea of school has been a bit "unorthodox" for the organizational and methodically part of my brain.

When I was seven I would sit in my bedroom and color coordinate my closet . I still remember having theses hideous shades of burnt yellow ( yes Mom, you know what color I'm talking about) and then the reds, blues, greens, pinks, and hanging them to stay together.

I would "deed" every book to someone in our home and some of our books still have the deeds in them. I saved my very first notebook, full of lists, as well as many other notebooks full of poems that I wrote. I organized our basement with a game section, art section, listening section. and toy section.

I am a very organized person. Yet, right now I look around my home and I have pictures ALL over the fridge, rooms that are in need of a pick up every single day, a kitchen that is never quite "tidy" and a school environment that is vibrant and fun but not quite orderly.

What do I mean by this? Well, when you throw a one year old into the mix life just gets interesting immediately. Hannah is really coming into her own person lastly. She LOVES to do origami. The girl is fascinated with it. The problem is she doesn't sit with one paper and fold it quietly. Oh no, she wakes up from her nap, comes down with her " dirtsy" ( drink) and "deedee" ( blanket) and whips open the craft cupboard and dumps 100 pages of small squares of origami paper on the floor, scooting around amidst them, dripping her water and then bumbles away.

Then she wants to help us color but trips into our castle now requiring apart of it to be taped back up. She wants to help and be apart but allowing her means that expectations need to be let go.

I am so thankful for this past years refresher because the speaker just emphasized how important it was to realize that God fills in the gaps. We give our best, we do our best but ultimately, there will be gaps in every child's education. Those of us who our now homeschooling and went to public realize HOW MANY gaps there really are!

Everyday, I commit to giving the kids my all. Everyday, I feel like there were some parts that went great and other parts where it "failed". That's life. I am thankful that God has our back and that I can trust that He  has their best interest at heart.

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Heather said...

Amen!!!! I think we are always in need of reminders like this!