Monday, February 6, 2012

Out With the Old

Tomorrow I am buying some new workout/running shoes. These trusty shoes have gone through three years of running, working out, a 25K run and countless squats and push ups. I love these shoes, they are shot. I cannot even run outside with them anymore because they are so worn down. They have visible holes, no tread, and yes at times, they smell.

I loved wearing them out. I love wearing anything out. It gives me such an accomplished feeling. I feel so excited to buy some new shoes tomorrow and thinking of all the great workouts and runs I will have in those babies . I used to buy a new pair of shoes every year but thanks to indoor gyms with childcare memberships, I can deal with an older pair, longer and not have to worry that my hips are going to shatter under the lack of absorbency.

I work out, I run, I love being as healthy and balanced as I possibly can be. However, I work out for sanity, for stress release, for " me" time and for fun. There are so many reason I stress to others to make working out, even 30 minutes a day, apart of their lifestyle. I will never stop. Even when I was pregnant, I worked out, swam and lifted weights.

There is nothing more releasing then sweating through a very stressful day and coming out breathing strong and realizing that there is always tomorrow. Home schooling can take a lot out of a person, especially when life doesn't really stop or slow down when you wish it would. Goodbye trusty shoes, you have been amazing to me and I thank you for all the miles we have gone through together. Don't worry, I'm not throwing you out, we'll still hike together until your mesh falls off and the soles become as thin as flip flops, I'll find a use for you.

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