Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Glimpses of Life with Hannah Lou ( "Nannah")

I"m happy that I ate the green marker

I am not happy that you took it from me

I think its funny that I tried to color your new Apple keyboard with my green,markery hands

I am so much fun! We love you Hannah

You are so big right now. You hoidinish climb out of bed and wave at all of us in the hall with your high pitched, " Hiiii". You say Mama, Daddy, Jyah, Iah, Papa, Nana, Puppy, Mine, Me, Oo ( food), baby, Siii ( outside), pity ( pretty), bye, dank you, ove you ( love you), yuck, dirty ( thirsty), cookie, "staaa" (stop), one on ( come on) - that was a phrase she got from me in the van with SLOW people driving in both lanes ....haha! 

You are into everything, you remind me of an on going party where  you fly and float from thing to thing to thing and pull, touch and spill. You are constantly running around with markers or pencils in your hands from who knows where and there are always markers, pom-poms and craft feathers laying in the kitchen after you have decided that you were too good to play with them anymore. 

Daddy was a bit upset last night when you dumped all his prize possessions behind the bed and walked away with a half a deck of cards. You think its funny to smile at me from the opposite side of the door and say " Byee" and shut the door on me, wait for me on the other side and then laugh and take off towards the stairs.

You love babies, any kind of babies and especially sister's babies . You need " dee-dee" with " Bobbi" ( blankee with Bobby-lou her pink squeaky pig. You give kisses, love it when Daddy plays rough with you and never want to stop being tossed around.

You are a pretty healthy eater and love frozen vegetables, fruit of any kind, sandwiches, soup, beans, and cookies. When we make chocolate chip cookies you are more than happy to accommodate me with a taste, or two.

You do not ever watch tv. You won't even sit for 2 seconds to watch a "baby" movie. You'd much rather run around and open, shut, pull, take apart and learn about your surroundings. You are a busy, loving little chica and I"m in love with you. When worship music comes on, your arms immediately go up and you start praising the Lord. Your heart is so beautiful. You always yell "Mama!" when I start to sing because you want me to stop so you can start. I love you and all your floofy, crazy, messy, loving, slobbery goo-ness that makes you, you Hannah. Love you and happy almost 19 month old bday - slow down  a bit please!

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