Saturday, February 11, 2012

Days Are A Blur

Sometimes, when I'm bored, I reread some of the blogs I have written. I laugh out loud, literally, at the moments that were captured by a few key strokes and a few dedicated minutes to capture that particular moment forever.

I cannot remember my days unless I look at a calendar. If you asked me what I did Thursday, without referencing a calendar I could not tell you. My days blur together, like paint dripping on a canvas that is uneven- those are my days.

Our days are full to the brim and yet things keep coming. Life doesn't slow down. I realize this. I don't slow down, I realize this. Yet, taking a few moments to blog, to write down a moment, or two really aids in looking back and embracing how full life is.

I pray that I will always dedicate moments to blog a bit so that when the kids are grown and life " slows" down- is that an oxymoron, I can look back and laugh and shake my head at the crazy, painted life we led.

If you don't write these moments down, I encourage you too- its made me feel so appreciative of the here and now as well as how quickly time slips.

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