Thursday, February 2, 2012

Creating 'Everyday' Memories

Our past few days have been spent reading the bible, playing games and learning about obedience all the while practicing it out on a daily basis :) Yesterday, the kids and I cut and began the coloring process of our mini castle. We have moved on to the Medieval time period. Talk has been on chivalry, knighthood, peasants, castles and swords.

The kids have all been having jousting tournaments, sword fighting and Jayden now has a nice bump on the side of his face to prove the ruthlessness of "some" knights in training.

Our days are full of chaos, correction, caring, comforting and kindness. We are working on memorizing all the books of the Bible, learning Psalms 119:9, doing sword drills where Jayden sees how fast he can locate a verse and Austen works on comprehension of the verse.

Mother Goose nursery rhymes on kings and queens have dominated much of our breakfast reading and I am a bit intimidated by making their king and queen outfits. They are learning so much more than I am teaching them and I am thankful for the unschooling environment we are creating in our home.

Life is our tablet, God is the author and we help create the words. Just yesterday, the kids were talking about barons and kings and knights and I cannot believe how much of teacher Jayden is and how much the others learn through his reading. He sits and reads many of the books I check out from the library on our topic, then he talks about it nonchalantly with Austen and Riah and then they create the world for themselves, running rampant upstairs and outside.

Today, let's hike. Let's end up on an adventure we hadn't foreseen and come out victorious. This is our life, nothing spectacular just life.

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