Thursday, February 23, 2012


Last night Ben asked if I would make a Ramen noodle salad that he loves. its pretty much ramen noodles, almonds, sesame seeds with romaine lettuce, cut up vegetables, onions and a homemade dressing. Anyways, he prefers chives over onions and mentioned in passing if I could get them. Well, I did and organic at that.

I came home from the grocery store and he was pleasantly surprised that I had bought the chives and I set to work preparing the salad. As we all sat down to eat together, EVERYONE was enjoying the salad and then Ben goes, ' Whoa, these chives are strong enough to clear a nostril" ( haha, love that word nostril).  He continues on, " Chives normally have a real, sweet mild flavor but these ones, wow!". He silently, for the rest of the meal, pushed his chives off to the side where I kept picking them up and putting them on my plate. I thought they were great!

We put the kids to bed and were relaxing together watching the Republican Primary when there was a commercial break and I jumped on the computer to check my email. Benjamin came into the kitchen, looks in the sink and asks, " Were you planning on throwing out the good parts of the chives?" Not quite sure what he meant I said, " What?". He then continued, " All the good parts of the chives are sitting in the sink."

Dumbfounded, I just looked at him and said,  I thought that was the part you DIDN'T eat! He just started laughing so hard he could hardly stand it. He stated, " I wondered why when I came into the kitchen that the roots were missing but all the green parts were still here!'

Hahahaha! There we sat  consuming the roots of chives in the salad, cleaning our nostrils and me asking for Ben's extras- what's wrong with me???!!

So, now I eat the green part, you cut off the bit of the root and do not eat the white part- and yes, I did cut off the bit of the root. That is why I felt that these "chives" were such a rip off- I mean seriously I paid over $3 for a tiny stump of food. Such a culinary chef I am :)


Liv said...

That is so funny. One day I was busy with everything else for dinner that I asked David to cut the green onion and he did but didn't cut the green part. I said when you usually put green onion on your stuff do you usually put green stuff on it. He said yes and oh I shoul have cut the green part too!!

CherylinMA said...

Interesting, I've never tried the roots. LOL You kind of make me want to try them now. So what part of the scallion do you eat?

Amanda said...

Well you are suppose to eat the green all honesty, my husband has been the one cutting up the scallions for us and I never really paid much attention. The root, apparently I like them :) they are very strong- let me tell you :)