Monday, February 13, 2012

Why I Love Valentines Day

Miss Hanns and I were strolling through Target tonight as I was searching for some sweet little treats to hide for the kids tomorrow on our annual Valentines Day hunt. The kids look forward to this everywhere and I do to. Ben and I really, honestly, don't do a whole lot for each other on Valentines day. No, its not because we are cold, heartless, unloving souls whose romantic flame has died out a decade ago. Its merely for the practical reason that we both have birthdays in February and seriously, we are just OK.

Watching people frantically scan the aisles for that "perfect", last minute chocolate heart, overpriced candies and flowers actually does something for the soul. Love is still vibrant in this world and people still love to express their love, true love to others. I felt quite energized hanging around all the frantic love birds...maybe because I didn't feel all to frantic, I had my card and have had it for weeks.

I remember my first Valentines day with Ben and I walking home after church. It was bitter cold, the snow crunching underneath our feet and we stayed outside for over 25 minutes just kind of staring at each other, nervous to give each other our gift and our card. Then, his friend, Russ Davis driving around the corner "stalking" us and making us feel even more uneasy- thanks Russ.

I kept thinking, what if he doesn't like it, what if its dumb, or stupid or embarrassing. I"m sure he was thinking the same thing....actually, knowing him, he wasn't- I'm just strange like that. Anyways, finally, we exchanged gifts and cards. I have EVERY card and email we have ever written to each other- saved for a lifetime.

Our first year of email correspondence, I would write the number 1,2,3....88....100, etc. at the top of each email.  I loved rereading them over and over and over. I was in LOVE. The years have past, make that 14 years and I still LOVE him and love receiving his emails, hand written notes and now, texts.

Love, however, means something different now, and it means something deeper now. There is so much more substance to it. Part of me, wants to go to the local grocery store and buy him a stuffed snoopy with a small heart shaped chocolate stuck on him ( yes, my first valentines gift to him- give me a break I was hardly 16!).

Valentines is just a day, yes. Love is an action each and every day. Its a choice. I love Valentines because, like other just gives pause to remember and to try a little harder, each day, to express your love and live for someone other than yourself. So, happy Valentines day!

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